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April 23, 2020
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When we teach kids the value of dental health, they bring it with them up to adulthood. However, teaching good dental habits is often not easy. While regular cleanings and checkups with your family dentist, Dr. Rudolph Klima Jr. of Smiles By RK in Hampstead, MD, will help keep dental diseases at bay, you still need to teach your children good dental habits. Here are some essential tips:

Implement a Rewards System

Remember the expression and excitement that your kid has every time he comes home from school with a star? You can use that same rewarding experience to promote good dental habits for your kid. Think of a reward for every dental habit that they accomplish on their own.

Get Your Kid Excited

Toothbrushing is a pillar of good oral health. How can you make it a habit for kids? One of the things that you can do is to allow them to pick out their toothbrush, flossers, and toothpaste.

Bring your child to a shop where they have toothbrushes with cartoon characters and pair this with a child-friendly fluoride toothpaste that has a flavor and color that they will enjoy. To teach your kids the proper brushing technique, you can turn it into a game like imitating what you do. Remember, proper technique is just as important as using the right toothbrush and toothpaste.

Create Routines That Will Encourage Good Dental Habits

Some ideas to try include:

  • Flossing will help remove food stuck between the teeth, especially hard candy.
  • Promote milk, cheese, and similar dairy products as treats. Dairy protects the teeth against oral bacteria-producing acids that cause tooth decay.
  • Teach your kids to drink water instead of sugary drinks that can cause cavities.

For More Oral Health Tips and Advice, Call Your Hampstead Family Dentist

Dial (410)-374-9066 to reach Smiles By RK here at Hampstead, MD, and schedule your consultation with our family dentist, Dr. Rudolph Klima Jr.

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March 24, 2020
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Dental sealants from your family dentist in Hampstead, MD, can save your child’s teeth

If you’ve taught your child the importance of brushing twice daily and flossing every day, that’s excellent! Great oral hygiene is one of the cornerstones of preventing tooth decay. However, there is another step to help accomplish this—dental sealants!

Here at Smiles By RK in Hampstead, MD, your family dentist, Dr. Rudolph Klima Jr, offers comprehensive dental care for people of all ages, including providing dental sealants to protect your child’s smile. Read on to learn more!

What sealants can do for your child's smile

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria mixing with the sugars in the food or beverages your child eats or drinks. The sugary mixture forms an acid that is strong enough to eat through tough tooth enamel, causing a cavity. Brushing and flossing help eliminate the bacteria and sugar before it can become damaging bacterial acid.

The only problem is, brushing and flossing can’t get into the deep grooves and crevices on the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth: that’s where dental sealants come in. Dental sealants “seal up” the deep grooves and crevices so bacteria and food debris simply slide right off.

Parents and children love dental sealants because they are:

  • Effective; they dramatically reduce the incidence of cavities
  • Painless; they don’t require anesthetic
  • Beautiful; they are tooth-colored or clear
  • Quick; each tooth only requires a few minutes
  • Inexpensive; they cost only a fraction of restorative treatments

Dental sealants are recommended for the first permanent molars when your child is between the ages of 5 and 7, and for the second permanent molars when your child is between the ages of 11 and 14.

Call us

To learn more about the dental sealant process and how this treatment can benefit your child’s smile, call Dr. Rudolph Klima Jr, your family dentist at Smiles By RK in Hampstead, MD, at (410) 374-9066. Call now and protect your child’s smile!

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January 09, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Similar to other more dental problems, tooth loss can lead to more severe dental issues later on if left unaddressed. This is why it’s extremely vital that people with one or more missing teeth obtain the proper treatment as early on as possible. Here at Smiles By RK in Hampstead, MD, our dentist, Dr. Rudolph Klima Jr., utilizes crowns and bridges, among other tooth loss replacement options, to make your smile whole again.

Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

There are a couple of dental treatment options dentists use for restoring functionality and beauty to a mouth that’s missing one or several teeth. For a more permanent fix, you can opt for dental implants or dental bridges supported by implants. In this option, your dentist will place titanium screws into your jaw, which will serve as a synthetic tooth root for the artificial tooth to later be placed on.

If you want a non-surgical option for replacing your missing tooth, we also offer dentures, crowns, and bridges, here in our Hampstead, MD, clinic. Basically, a bridge is used for permanently attaching a crown and closing the space left by a missing tooth. Dentures, on the other hand, are detachable restorations for replacing missing teeth. These are available in partial and complete options.

How Tooth Loss Can Impact Your Dental Health

Immediately following tooth loss, lots of people feel sensitivity or pain. However, even in instances where you don’t feel any ill effects, it’s vital to seek prompt treatment. In some individuals, tooth loss could result in immediate issues with speaking, eating, and other essential tasks that require the mouth that might worsen over time. Eventually, your adjacent teeth will shift to try and fill the space left by your missing tooth. In turn, your now crooked teeth could lead to severe bite issues that might require orthodontic treatment to be corrected. In addition, since your teeth are supported by other teeth around it, a missing tooth could weaken your mouth’s overall structure and lead to more tooth loss.

Need Dental Care? Give Us a Call

If you have one or more missing teeth, call Smiles By RK in Hampstead, MD, today by dialing (410)-374-9066.

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November 14, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth decay can be resolved more easily than ever before thanks to tooth-colored fillings. At Smiles by RK in Hampstead, your family dentist, Dr. Rudolph Kilma, uses innovative materials to restore decay and give you the natural look and durability you love.

What is tooth decay?

Decay is a hole in the hard tooth layer called enamel. Left unchecked, cavities may advance into deeper layers, causing abscess and even tooth loss.

Unfortunately, tooth decay remains one of America's most prevalent oral health problems, affecting people of all ages, says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It originates in the bacteria-filled plaque and tartar which form from carb-based foods we eat. When not removed through at-home or in-office oral hygiene, the bacteria eat away at enamel, causing decay.

What's the solution?

Improved oral hygiene, a low-sugar diet and routine care with your family dentist in Hampstead help avoid decay. However, if it does happen, don't worry. Dr. Kilma offers the latest in diagnostics and treatments so you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile.

The tooth-colored filling

Modern dental techniques use tooth-colored materials to restore the appearance, form and function of decayed teeth. White fillings are far more pleasing aesthetically, and they require less enamel reduction, or undercuts, as they bond directly to prepared tooth enamel.

After examining your tooth, Dr. Kilma will use a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding tissue. He'll remove the damaged portions of your tooth and shape it so it accepts the filling. Here are the filling materials he may choose:

  • Composite resin, a blend of acrylic and glass particles. Tooth-colored and durable (well-withstanding biting and chewing), composite resin looks, feels and functions just like real tooth enamel. Dr. Kilma adds it to the prepared site, hardens each layer with a special curing light, and realistically shapes the biting/chewing surface to optimize bite.
  • Porcelain inlays and onlays, ceramic replacements customized to replace or fit between tooth cusps, porcelain fillings avoid complex crowning procedures while strengthening thin tooth enamel. And, yes, they match your tooth in color and sheen.

Today's white fillings are more versatile and lifelike than ever before. If you suspect you have a cavity, call Smiles by RK for a consultation with Dr. Rudolph Kilma. He'll make your teeth strong and beautiful again. Phone us at (410) 374-9066.

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July 23, 2019
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Are you interested in bridges and crowns from your Hampstead, MD, dentist?

There are so many options to improving your smile and improving your dental care. Crowns and bridges restore teeth, aesthetically, and dental-crownsfunctionality.


What are bridges?

Bridges are dental appliances that are natural-looking and replace missing teeth. Custom-made bridges also restore the natural contour of teeth, bite, chewing function and the relationship between your upper and lower teeth.

Bridges are fixed partial dentures, semi-permanent, that are bonded to existing teeth or implants. There are other types of dentures --fixed dental bridges-- that maybe right for you, depending on your needs.


What are crowns?

Crowns are porcelain caps placed on the top of a tooth to reinforce teeth and hide imperfections. Your Hampstead dentist will need to carve the tooth to fit under the cap. If there's advanced decay, then large portions of the tooth are removed and filling material is used to buildup the tooth. Crowns are also used in other procedures, like bridges, dental implants and root canals.

How does one care for bridges and crowns?

You must maintain a healthy diet and oral regimen. If you like candy and sugary food, like popsicles, given the heat, and sodas, then you should reconsider. Sugars give way to acid-producing bacteria that break down the tooth's protective layer, enamel, which eventually leads to plaque and tartar buildup. Healthy foods like carrots and apples actually scrape food debris off teeth to keep teeth clean.

In addition to eating healthy, brush, and floss everyday. Spend two minutes brushing your teeth and while holding your brush at a 45-degree angle and floss before bed to preserve crowns and bridges, as well as natural teeth, of course!


If you're looking to restore your smile with the help of dental crowns and bridges, give us a call at (410) 374-9066 to schedule your consultation in Hampstead, MD.

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